Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Baba effect

"An ejaculation of lifestylizations, DAAAAAAAAAArling!" are the words Catherine Baba uses to describe herself. This seems appropriate seeing as Baba's look is a 1920s/30s hobo chic, Mary Kate Olsen fast-forwarded a couple of decades meets Dynasty.

Baba the woman is even more enjoyable than her appearance. With "Daaaarling" and "J'adore" interjected without rhyme or reason, she seems to be a self-conscious parody of all things fashionable and outrageous. At a party, she once allegedly borrowed a chandelier off the ceiling to complete her outfit and used it as a hat for the rest of the evening to DJ in.

An Australian living in Paris and a stylist, or "styliste" as she calls herself as apparently the French word holds more meaning, she has worked on numerous campaigns from Moschino to Balmain and for magazines such as Vogue and Dazed & Confused

If ever there was a reason to get into fashion, surely Catherine Baba is one. Who knew dressing like a fancy dress party could be so stylishly fabulous darrrrling.

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